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Hi, we are Andy and Emily Whitlock, a husband and wife team with over fifteen years of experience in creative business ownership together and over thirty years of photography, photoshop and digital graphic design experience. We happily offer family, portrait, senior, wedding, event and product photography. Our style is unique, real and candid. We enjoy capturing sincere expressions and special moments in the beautiful outdoors. We very much look forward to meeting you and capturing life memories with you!

Andy has been fascinated with photography ever since his fourth-grade teacher showed him how to develop film in a darkroom. He has been taking pictures for over thirty years, learning and sharpening his unique technique. He is a master at Photoshop and all things technical with over twenty years of experience with the editing process. These skills, along with his passion and love of photography sets his work out from the crowd in a world full of phone and snapshot pictures.

Emily is a creative artistic soul who inherited her “eye” from her father who is a talented photographer (as well as brilliant physicist, scientist and musician). Throughout her childhood, he was always taking photos, magically developing them in his darkroom or having slideshows on his big screen projector. Watching her father and being immersed, literally from birth, has given her a whole-hearted appreciation for the art of photography and has influencing all the ways she sees light and the world in all its detail.

Emily and Andy are native Oregonians; Andy’s family goes back generations and originally came over on the Oregon trail. They have two cats, one sweet dog, and two young adult children. They love working together and have a symbiotic workflow/life relationship. When they are not out on a photo shoot, they own and operate Em’z Blendz Soap Company, their original family business, where they handcraft excellent all-natural soaps and wonderful bath and body products.

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